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NetEase Cloud Music is an app to stream music and download songs to your device's memory. The best thing about it is that it lets you do this with thousands of songs, all completely free.

NetEase Cloud Music is something like a free Chinese Spotify that gives unlimited access to almost any song you can imagine. Even if the app is designed mainly for people in China, you can still use it to find almost all the big-name international musicians.

From Die Antwoord to Nicki Minaj, from Madonna to the Beatles, you can find almost any song you want on NetEase Cloud Music. You can stream the songs by tapping on them or download them to keep them on your device.

NetEase Cloud Music is an excellent app for music fans. It has more and better features than the majority of apps in this genre. An absolutely essential app for anyone who wants to listen to music without having to pay for it.
How to use Netease Cloud Music, a Chinese Spotify for Android

Tired of those ridiculous reggeaton ads on Spotify? Interested in discovering popular genres and artists in Asian countries? Well listen up, dear. NetEase is a business giant that offers Internet services of various kinds under the auspices of the ISP, one of the most important in the world. One of its primary attractions is Netease Cloud Music, a free music-streaming service with a huge songs catalogue that can even be locally downloaded.
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